As individuals we sometimes will get frustrated and even upset with life and especially yourself when big changes such as breakup or divorce happend’s. Changes is life is inevitable ,however are are not always or you could say never really prepared fully for it as no one can really pre-soppose thir feelings in the areaContinue reading “SIX STEPS TO REPROGRAMING YOUR MINDSET AFTER YOUR DIVORCE OR BREAKUP”

How to turn that Negative energy into Positive

This a very common saying but how much of us really know what it means .How many of us hard tasted the lemon of life ,that bitter pain that comes with disappointment that brings negative to your life ,lost of love ones,lost of a job ,lost of a marriage ,lost which cannot be expressed withContinue reading “How to turn that Negative energy into Positive”

Life Transformation starts with a desire of wanting change and ,taking the actions necessary.

Life transformation starts with self love .

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Faith, friendship, and love conquer all. Unless. Let's not forget how messy the world is.

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