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Who am I ? I am Antoinette R.Clarke ,founder of VARC Communications LTD and VARC Life Transformation Coaching . I am a open easy going girl ,and a professional in the vocation of Personal Growth and mental development (mind set development) . I am a mother or 4 handsome boys.

Why should you pay attention to what I say on this website -I am a qualified Life Coach,Life Transformation Coach,NLP Coach ,Women Empowerment Coach ,Counsellor and Psychologist . I have been working within the Life Transition and Life Coaching industry for the past 10 years My intention is purely to help and support others living the best life they can and grow to there fullest potential as I am doing.

What do I do ?- I support men and women to find there true path in life to live a happier life and see happiness and success as not just being a moment ,but a way of life they can achieve and will achieve and will sustain .I have worked with several clients all over the globe ,on a 1 to 1 basis ,and in groups ,in person and online I have worked with Clients who have suffered great lost ,and some just needing support to achieve their next goal in life . Divorce women who want a new start and to forget their pain to find new start and a clear pathway to lasting connections .

At the moment I am doing a lot of volunteer coaching with the health service due to COVID 19 SURGE , I still do my group coaching and 1 to 1 coaching .

I am also working on the launch of my online course . My Course is design for Divorce Women ,to support them in Reprogramming there lives ,Recovering from pain and deception and create a complete Rebirth of life path way .

Let’s make new pathways together.

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Re-programming, Women's Lives through the use of NLP and Life Transformation Coaching .Focusing on Empowering Divorce Women to Find there NEW PATHWAY in Life .To Recovery and Rebirth there lives in all Three areas Mind ,Body and Spirit . Guiding and Coaching Women in developing or finding new Career Path , and New Relationships

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