As individuals we sometimes will get frustrated and even upset with life and especially yourself when big changes such as breakup or divorce happend’s. Changes is life is inevitable ,however are are not always or you could say never really prepared fully for it as no one can really pre-soppose thir feelings in the area of love and emotional energy . A Divorce woman or a woman who as just lost the access to her life partner through a dovorce or break up will never be prepared for such a lost. As this is a change which will reside in a pernamaent lost which will bring much discontentmnet and fustrayed energy .

When this happends in most cases the Divorce woman or heartbroken woman is not going to think firstly how do i get over this feeling .No in most cases she will bury herself so deep in grief that she any loose herself completely if she or someone close to her does not see what this loss and shock is doing to her .

This is where a complete change in mindset or a complete reprogramming of the way in which this loss is interpreted is need. Below i will give you six tips on how any woman can begin to reprogram her mindset after her Divorce .

Let go of the frustration of your Divorce by

Remember Love should never hurt ,if it does then start thinking what love really supposed to be for you

Tip 1-Start by seeing the relationship as ended because that is the way it is supposed to be. This is one chapter of your life which as come to a close.See the good times you had and be grateful, however, also see the obstacles and know that living in such a way was not making you happy.

Tip 2-Stop hating and blaming your now ex-husband for the breakup or divorce, hate and blame will only affect you , it will tour you up inside, it will make you bitter and unattractive to friendship, it will make others run away from you, negative thoughts will only breed negativity. Instead try to see ways how you can recover from your loss, or even better stop seeing it as a loss and instead as an opportunity to start afresh as your ex is now doing.

Tip 3- Start thinking about your life now that you are divorce in a positive way ,how would you like your life to be ,and start listing what you need to do in order to get that life you are now thinking about . No is the time to really give yourself the chance to live a life on your terms .

Tip 4 – Be open with family and friends as much as you can about your feelings it will help you to become confident and build that new pathway in dealing with life without your ex-husband . Maybe you are also now a divorce mom . Link your energy with other divorce parent and start building new friendship ,see how other divorce women or mothers and living in a positive way .

Tip 5 – Get counselling if you need it ,however remember the counsellor is only there to guide and support you ,you will still need to do the work to transform your mindset ,and rebuild your life . Do not become dependent on the counsellor and by that i mean do not develop a negative attachment . Remember you are there to get help ,not just to cry and pass on the blame .

Tip 6 -Remain or get active ,if you were an active person ,hold on to that aspect of yourself it will support you in maintaining a healthy mind and lifestyle ,and a healthy mind is ready to be rehabilitated and reprogram . Excercise will also help you to relieve nad physical and mental stress and again keep you fit and attractive . Its important to feel good about yourself regauardless of what is happeninh or as happening in your life ,its also important to look good as the outer immage is what is presented ,people will see your face your cloths your smile ,they will not see how you are feeling however the outer image can reflect or can hide the way you are feeling so ,choose what you want other to think when they see you by the way you dress and present yourself ,the choice is yours,rememeber you are divorce not dead ,and whiles there is life there is hope for a better life .

Start taking simple steps to becoming happy again or in some cases to find that happy you .

The mind has all the power you need to bring whatever you so desire you just need to let it do its job by choosing your thoughts wisely, your thoughts are what feeds the mind. Keep those thoughts positive.

Published by VARC Life Transformational Coach

Founder of VARC Life Transition Coaching life , NLP Coach , Counsellor and Psychologist. Women Empowerment Life Coach. I use my skills and personal life experience to support men and women globally to transform their lives and find there true path in life and enjoy life while doing so

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