How weak a link are you in making relationship decisions

When will you have your light-buld moment ?There’s an important realisation all SMART and LOVING women come to at some point in their love lives.

It’s a “light bulb” that suddenly just turns on… and when it does, you instantly grow and see things with a new sense of CLARITY.

Unfortunately, most women only come to this important realization AFTER they’ve been through the pain and frustration of doing everything they can think of to “revive” their relationship and failing. I’ll tell you what this REALIZATION is:

It’s that when you’re with a man who is feeling or acting UNCERTAIN with you – even if you could give him an “ultimatum” that would move things ahead to the place in your relationship that YOU WANT – you’re in a very dangerous and “weak” position for your relationship. He’s not really making that decision based on what HE wants or feels.

It’s a weak position because you really want and need a man who is truly COMMITTED to being with you on a physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual level. Not coerced, not forced, not convinced. COMMITTED. Totally and with all his being. For you to realise this yourself you need to change your approach

For a deep look inside how men really think and what you need to change with your and approach on love and getting him to transform to a truly loving and committed relationship with a you, and how to help a man recognise and do the things that will make your relationship LAST…join me in a 1 -1 session on lasting love and true commitment ,or just follow this post where i will be giving you all the tips you need to make him recognise all the things he should be doing and light

Published by VARC Life Transformational Coach

Founder of VARC Life Transition Coaching life , NLP Coach , Counsellor and Psychologist. Women Empowerment Life Coach. I use my skills and personal life experience to support men and women globally to transform their lives and find there true path in life and enjoy life while doing so

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