Hi there am Antoinette R. Clarke aka (VARC) welcome to my blog happy to have you here :)

Who am I ,well I wear several hats ,firstly am a mother of 4 son’s ,I am a daughter ,sister ,friend ,civil servant ,counsellor Psychologist ,Life Transition Coach ,NPL Coach ,Women Empowerment Coach ..and most of all am a person who enjoys helping others to find the positive regardless of situation or challenges .

My mission in life is help transform the lives of as many people as possible . I focus on areas such as Relationship Transformation ,From Broken heart to a life of love ,happiness and fulfilment ,from Divorce pain to Recovery and life on your own terms. Building confidence ,self love and self belief .

I would love to connect with people who are looking to make permanent positive changes in there lives ,but feeling stuck ,so i can help them along there pathway ,or they can see that there are others just live themselves out there, wanting that same change ,and be hopeful that they can make that change . Individuals who have family issues and need that change ,Divorce women ,Breakups of long term relationship .Women who want to start dating however is unsure of how to start again .

We all have something in life which we can use to enhance not just our live ,but the lives of others .I enjoy writing hence I decided in addition to me supporting others in there bit for a new life ,I will also provide useful tips on how they can help themselves to do so in my absence ,and what better place than right here. I will be giving tips on how to Reprogram your mind for success,How to recover from any emotional lost such as a Divorce or Bereavement ,How to connect with your inner self to start believing in who you are or who you want to become .

Published by VARC Life Transformational Coach

Founder of VARC Life Transition Coaching life , NLP Coach , Counsellor and Psychologist. Women Empowerment Life Coach. I use my skills and personal life experience to support men and women globally to transform their lives and find there true path in life and enjoy life while doing so

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