How to turn that Negative energy into Positive

This a very common saying but how much of us really know what it means .How many of us hard tasted the lemon of life ,that bitter pain that comes with disappointment that brings negative to your life ,lost of love ones,lost of a job ,lost of a marriage ,lost which cannot be expressed with words ,just the hot tears that slowly melt down your face . I have experience that negative ,in more ways than one ,however those negative energy i have cast in my pot of change into positive ,mainly by shifting my mindset ,meaning how to decide to interpret my experience ,what i decide my experience of that negative means ,and have turned it into a positive ,for example a got a ticket for speeding going 22 miles per hour in a 20 miles a hour zone ,at first i was furious ,saying really what the heck,then i thought about it ,i do drive a bit fast ,maybe this is a sign for me to slow down and be more careful ,or is this a message to tell me slow down or you might have a more serious consequence on my hand . I took the ticket as a positive warning to be aware of my speed as who is going to tell me to slow down really ,no one ,so this is just one example i have experience recently where i decide to turn what appear to be a negative into a positive .i have numerous events that i have transform into the sweet taste of positive and success ful energy of purpose and love ,sweet taste of emotional freedom ,sweet taste of abundance and love . How did i do that ,well in some instances its having the desire to over come the negative ,that feeling of not being incontrol of your own situation or what affects you ,this is where i started at times ,it all depends on the situation .Just hold in mind you were never born to be captivated by negative energy or negative things hence when it comes you have to rise above it and shine like the star that you are



Published by VARC Life Transformational Coach

Founder of VARC Life Transition Coaching life , NLP Coach , Counsellor and Psychologist. Women Empowerment Life Coach. I use my skills and personal life experience to support men and women globally to transform their lives and find there true path in life and enjoy life while doing so

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